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Dendritic Agate Stones

Dendritic Agate Stones

An Introduction :
A nature's gift to manking this stone is a geological wonder with very high and geological value. Al the volcanic age of earth when every thing was in liquid and semisolid form, the liquid minerals (mostly manganese and iron )get deposited within the layers of silicon oxide (Agate) in such a way that they crocated so many types of patterns, likes shurbs, trees, animals & scene giving it a uniqueness. Geologically it is of Quartz family stone in the category of agate with the hardness of seaven on mohs scale nearer to shapphire. Through it is categorised as semi-precious stone but all the three qualities of precious stone are found in it, that is rarity, Stability & grace. There are myths about this stone that it gives strength & mental piece to the quality and singularity are so that na two stones sare similar in any way. Once you have a piece it is rare and only one because nobody can present duplicate of it. it is mostly used for ornamental purposes like pendents, ear rings, rings, curio items like paper weights. pill boxes, sindoordani etc.

Vanlshing Craft :
Banda (India) has the distinction of having national fame craftmen of shazar. They havi been honoured at National and International exibitions. It national and international exibitions. It is really a matter of pride that this stione is crafted only at Banda stone are far more better and fine that it's only competitor "Montana Dendrite Agate". It has great export potential and can earn foriegn exchange provided proper govt. help and opportunity to the craftmen are given. There was a time in earily 20th century when about fourty work shops and about 200 artisans were involved in the craft. Now there is hardly one tenth, and they too are facing financial  wearer & even all mighty is pleased with him; it is reversed as a holly stone by lsamic communities and a good talidman for the people wear it.

About four hundred years ago Nawab of Banda (Son of Raja Chhatrasal & courteson Mastani) partonised a 'Sang Trash' (Stone cutter) Ramdas for his artistic stone & jwellery work. Once while passing though a village on his regular tour ramdas had an urge for tobacco smoking. One of the villager provided him a stone chip and Iron strip with cotton to lit fire. The artstic Ramdas had an urge for tobacco smokingl. One of the villager provided him a stone chip and iron strip with cotton to lit fire. The artstic ramdas saw a very uniqure pattern in the stone while using it. He collected some more pieces of stones and applied his craft to them, "Lo' he found beatifull patterns on them. He mounted them in silver & gold and presented to his and Marketing problem. The Raw material; is becoming scarece and costly with increasing production cost and hard barganing by the old buyers causign this unique craft to disappear for ever.

Value :
Though revered and honoured every where in india and abroad the proper marketing and promotion are yet to be done. Its market value depends on size, pattern and colour of the impression on the stone. For more details and trade enquiry you may contact on front page address or telephone numbers price list is also available on request Nawab, who honoured him for it. it was the begning of the  "Shazar Stone" (Stone with pattern of threes in them) Craft of banda.

"Method of making shazar stone"
It is crafted in a very old traditinal fashion with a wooden bow and a thin steel wire as string called "KAMAN", Stones are mounted over a wooden stand called "KHUNTA" and sliced by this bow with the help of silicon carbide powder in 2 to 4mm. Thickness, these stone slices are them disigned, trimed, shaped and polished with utmost care and precision as the depositions are in micron thickness only

Use :
An ordinary useless looking pebble when cleaned and crafted by skilled artisand becomes a beautifull  "Shazar stone" with impression that goes beyond imagination. A finished & Polished Stone when set into precious metals becomes a lady's delight and treasure. The variety.

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