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Dendritic Agate Stones

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Dendritic Agate Stones

Product Description

Dendritic Agate Stones, offered by us, are colorless, white or gray chalcedony with fern-like markings known as dendrites. Dendritic Agate Stones that we provide are known as the Stone of Plentitude. Dendritic Agate Stones, provided by us, bring abundance and fullness to all areas of life. Our Dendritic Agate Stones is an ordinary looking pebble and when cleaned and crafted by skilled artisans, becomes a beautiful "shazar stone" with an impression that goes beyond imagination. Our Dendritic Agate Stones is properly finished and polished and set into precious metals to become a lady's delight and treasure.

Available In 3 Different Varieties

  • Polished Dendrite Agate Stones
  • Framed Dendrite Agate
  • Dendrite Agate Doublets

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